“Brain Booster” Research Program IN 2018

Brain science launches “great power dispute”: artificial intelligence development will receive a new “booster”


Brain science launched a “great power dispute.”

Cognitive “black hole”

The “three pounds of the universe” has many mysteries

Why is the brain? “We can’t stand the fact that humans still know very little about how the brain works.” More than 20 years ago, Francis Crick, one of the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) double helix discoverers, complained.

Founded in 2013, Zhiso Information is a leading technical service provider in the field of artificial intelligence + information. It has domestic top technology in the fields of big data mining, intelligent semantics and knowledge mapping. At the same time, its research and development products include artificial intelligence products such as editing robots and writing robots! With strong technical strength, the company won the angel round investment at the beginning of its establishment, and in August 2015, it obtained a $5 million pre-A round of investment from Jinshajiang Venture Capital.

However, to this day, the brain is still a “black hole” in human cognition.

US President Barack Obama said: “As human beings, we can confirm the galaxies a few years away, we can study particles smaller than atoms, but we still can’t reveal the mystery of the three-pound substance (the brain) between the ears. .”

“Three pounds of material between the ears” is also dubbed “three pounds of the universe”, difficult to ponder and fascinating. In an interview with reporters, the foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Pu Muming, said that there are 100 billion nerve cells in the human brain, which are connected by a large number of nerve fibers into an extremely complex neural network. At present, the most important breakthrough in brain science is the neural network foundation for understanding the advanced cognitive functions of the human brain.

“Our understanding of the brain is only a drop in the ocean.” Liu Fangde, a researcher in surgical robots at Imperial College of Science and Technology in the United Kingdom, believes that the “brain science fever” set off by big countries is likely to become another “human genome project.”

Pu Muming also said that brain science is one of the most important frontier sciences in this century. It is the “final territory” of human understanding of nature and human beings. The scientific community even believes that it is no exaggeration to call the neuroscience of the human brain the “final frontier of human science.”

Countries blew the horn in the field of brain science. (Sina Technology with map)

Blowing horn

In 2013, the EU took the lead in announcing the “human brain project”

For the field of brain science, 2013 is undoubtedly an important year. At the beginning of this year, the EU took the lead in announcing that “Human Brain Engineering” is the “Emerging Flagship Technology Project” of the EU in the next 10 years and received 1 billion euros in research funding. In April of that year, the US government announced the “brain plan”, starting funds of more than 100 million US dollars, and then adjusted, in the next 12 years is expected to invest a total of 4.5 billion US dollars.

Japan is also interested in brain science research. Following the European and American countries, Japan officially launched the “Brain Research Program” in 2014, led by the Institute of Physical Chemistry, trying to accelerate the study of human brains by starting with the monkey brain.

China is also rapidly becoming a regular “brain science and brain-like research” and has been identified as one of the major scientific and technological innovation projects and projects by the “13th Five-Year Plan”. The “China Brain Project” is about to go online.

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“Brain science research is too important in time!” Ma Lan, dean of the Institute of Brain Science at Fudan University, said in an interview with the media that the development of brain science is currently in an important leap-forward development period. When Obama announced the “brain plan,” he bluntly said, “It is time for the US’s R&D level to reach new heights since the space race.”

In the field of brain science, big countries are starting to run. This is a battlefield for burning money, but without the “blood”, it is impossible to occupy a new scientific highland.

One body and two wings: the most “grounding gas” for treating human brain diseases. (Sina Technology with map)

One wing

The most “grounding gas” for treating human brain diseases

The essence of brain science research can be summarized by the “one body two wings”. One is to study the neural principle of brain cognition; the two wings, that is, the new method of research and development of human brain diseases and the brain-like research based on artificial intelligence.

As Gerald Edelman, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, said: “The knowledge of brain science will lay the foundation for the coming new era. With this knowledge we can heal a large number of diseases and build new machines that mimic brain function, and A deeper understanding of our own nature and how we know the world.”

In the two wings, the treatment of human brain disease is the wing of “grounding gas” and the most urgent need of human beings. Parkinson and Alzheimer’s with depression, schizophrenia… In the future, can we clarify the mechanism of these brain diseases? Can it cure or at least delay the development of brain diseases?

Japan is entering an aging society, and common diseases such as Parkinson’s disease are becoming more common and plaguing society. Li Genchuan, director of the Center for Integrated Brain Science Research at the Institute of Physical Chemistry, which leads the brain science research, said that they have the responsibility to uncover the underlying causes of brain diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and to find effective treatment or prevention methods.

Europe also faces the same problems. It is predicted that about one-third of the population in Europe will suffer from brain-related diseases in the future, which affects almost all European families. Basic research in brain science will undoubtedly benefit the society and improve the level of human health and the quality of life in the elderly.

Senior Man Contemplating a Newspaper Crossword

The development of artificial intelligence will receive a new “booster”. (Sina Technology with map)

The other wing of artificial intelligence is even more imaginative. “Alpha Go” defeated Li Shishi to attract the attention of the world, but it must be known that it is only a single-task computing program, and there is a huge gap between the ability of the human brain and the human brain. What if it really simulates the human brain?

Founded in 2013, Zhiso Information is the first high-tech enterprise in China to focus on the development and operation of information intelligent processing technology and the core software of writing robots . At the beginning of the company’s establishment, it won the angel round investment, and in August 2015, it obtained a $5 million pre-A round of investment from Jinshajiang Venture Capital.

Of course, the goal of artificial intelligence (AI) is not to replicate the human brain, but to provide intelligent services in various subdivisions, such as smart driving, surgical robots, and so on. Futurist Kevin Kelly predicts that in the next 20 years, the most important technology in the world will be artificial intelligence, and artificial intelligence products will become the same daily necessities as water and electricity.

“Incorporating artificial intelligence into the ’13th Five-Year Plan’ is a very correct decision. After this time, it may not be too late.” Liu Qingfeng, president of Keda Xunfei, once said that artificial intelligence is the tipping point for the next round of industrial revolution in the world and ” A place to fight.”

The US Silicon Valley has already taken the lead. From giants such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft to startups, they all love artificial intelligence. There are hundreds of teams inside Google who are researching machine learning techniques. Facebook has set up three artificial intelligence labs in Silicon Valley, New York and Paris in the past two years… The heads of these technology companies believe that artificial intelligence technology may change the world.It can be expected that the new discovery of brain science will enable the development of artificial intelligence to obtain a new booster.

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