Can clutter at home contribute to weight gain?

A balanced diet and physical exercise to form the ideal partner to maintain an adequate weight and a healthy lifestyle. However, many people are betting on a miraculous diet and a detoxification treatment in an effort to win the battle for the extra pounds, without realizing that our weight, as well as our relationship with food, depends on many other factors that affect us. surround So much so, that according to regulation expert Peter Walsh, our house can be a disaster one of the biggest culprits to increase the size of pants.

Does this mess make my ass fat?

Does this mess make my eyes look pale?Or, what is the same, this mess makes me feel enthusiastic? It is the address chosen by an owner to explain how the disorder in the home affects the tenants’ weight. According to a recent study, to the extent that people who live in informal environments tend to eat 44% of snacks more than those who are dedicated to keeping the house clean and tidy.

Some surprising conclusions have been verified by the author, who affirms that there is a direct relationship between the fat of our silhouettes and the disorder of our house. Therefore, the layout of the rooms in the house and the choice of health products for our menus can be much more related than we initially imagined.

“For abuse, the area where you live is to treat a bad part of you: home, head, heart, hips … everything is connected,” says the expert in the book, stating that weight loss Successful is forgetting to count calories and constant visits to scale. . In his work, the Australian shows how to clean the areas that we only eat.

But also the routines that surround them: from the planning of meals and shopping to the “rites” at dinner time. By explaining the idea that you can start losing weight without it, explains Peter Walsh, you can ask the cleaner to want to eat healthier and be at home with less healthy foods.

Why do you get fat?

This tension is not new. The tension changes the chemistry of the body and can be translated into additional kilograms. This is exactly why the disorder, which increases the level of our anxiety and tension, drives us to gain weight. This situation creates the need to eat something and cut food often, in the vast majority of occasions, they are not usually healthy and rich in sugars and fats. On the contrary, the sensation of a more comfortable space reduces our cortisol levels and, therefore, reduces our anxiety.

Besides this work, does this mess fool me?

A writer of Australian origin with the best-selling book Less is more, which identifies a program to organize the home and eliminate chaos as a means to reduce stress. A guide can help us keep our house tidy and, therefore, not expose us to another factor that limits its weight

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