Fat Free Muscle Set

Where do muscles come from?

Any person who is fond of power sports and the formation of beautiful muscle relief, wants to gain only muscle mass. But this is contrary to the physiological characteristics of the human body and, frankly, difficult to implement.

By increasing the amount of food consumed (predominantly protein), weight gain occurs, some nutrients go to the formation of muscles, and strength training makes it possible to achieve the desired faster. But a certain amount of calories is still being put on hold, contributing to the appearance of fatty layers on the stomach, thighs and buttocks. Alas, it is inevitable. Noticing body fat, athletes begin to reduce daily calorie intake , but burning fat will also lead to the loss of a certain amount of muscle, which is highly undesirable for an athlete.

Uncontrollable appetite

Knowing that the muscles grow by increasing the caloric intake, inexperienced athletes begin to actively absorb food, hoping for the rapid growth of muscle fibers due to accelerated protein synthesis. In fact, uncontrolled eating leads to the opposite effect – obesity. Bodybuilder becomes loose, because it is very difficult to pump muscles through, eating and increasing the volume of adipose tissue. Yes, and disruptions in metabolism are guaranteed with such an unprofessional approach.

The human body can not assimilate a huge amount of calories, so all the excess goes to fat. This is a feature of human nature, known for many thousands of years. How to be and are there ways to maximize the growth of lean muscle mass without the deposition of fat?

Especially for endomorphs

If you are inclined to be overweight , then be more cautious about caloric intake of food, but the load should be constant and intense. For thin men and women, it is enough to train 3-4 times a week and increase the number of calories by only 5-10% in order to start to gain weight and form a relief body. If in certain places you quickly deposited fat, be sure to train these zones especially actively to deal locally with fat deposits.

Sport Supplements

Pay attention to natural metabolism that can increase metabolism. Levocarnitine ( L-carnitine ), a vitamin-like substance related to group B vitamins, is very useful for athletes . The additive enhances enzymatic activity, accelerates protein absorption, and increases the physical potential of a person. Many athletes take this drug with courses, as it allows them to withstand considerable loads, burn fats more actively, build muscle, and recover faster.

Fatigue after workouts, muscle pain bother many beginner bodybuilders, but if you feel sorry for yourself, then instead of muscle, if you increase the calorie intake, you will gain a lot of fat. Therefore, it makes sense to drink L-carnitine (Elkar), which contributes to the conversion of excess fat into energy, thereby increasing the portability and effectiveness of physical activity, reducing recovery time after exercise.

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