Four ways to become the architect of your face

A diet low in vitamins and essential fatty acids, prolonged exposure to the sun without an adequate protection factor, tension, lack of sleep … There are many factors that can cause skin aging, especially in the loss of elasticity, the appearance of spots or wrinkles. The signs are often exacerbated over time and in more mature skins. One of the challenges many women face is to try to restore that energy and dynamism that characterizes young faces and, above all, rebuild their sizes. The access is simpler than it seems, in fact it is enough to apply these four formulas.

1. Choose the product that best suits your needs.

You will notice that when the skin is mature, in addition to wrinkles or inflexibility and firmness, the beauty triangle area usually changes. When the face is young, the upper part is wider than the lower part and, over time, the shape tends to be inverted. To solve this problem, also provide energy and vitality to the skin, Rexaline, sold in Sephora, developed X-treme Face Sculpt. This dual serum was specially developed to provide a complete anti-aging response. On the one hand, the slimming formula, enriched with glaucine and peptides, is designed for the lower part of the face (oval face and neck) to redefine, refine and enhance the environment. On the other hand, the condensation option, enriched with peony extract, is designed for the upper part of the face (cheek bones, temples and forehead) to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and to fill and eliminate skin.

2. Eight hours of sleep recommended.

WHO recommends sleeping eight hours a day, something that most Spaniards do not do. According to a report prepared by the Health Education Foundation at the Hospital Clinico de San Carlos, 80% say that it sleeps less than seven. This recommendation is not volatile. During sleep, the body is repaired, a process that mainly affects the skin. Many experts say that the metabolic level of the organ is greater during the night, since it eliminates the accumulated toxins throughout the day and replaces the damaged elements, such as elastin or collagen, with new ones.

3. Take care of everything you eat.

There is growing scientific evidence about the appearance of food on the skin. NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Nutrition may be responsible for up to 30 percent of facial wrinkles, according to a recent study by Japanese experts. That is why a diet rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, beta-carotene, omega-3 fatty acids and vegetable proteins can help slow skin aging, as well as nourish, moisturize and regenerate the skin. On the other hand, the excess of meat, fat and sugars can achieve the opposite effect.

4. Move more

There is no clear scientific evidence that relates sport to a more beautiful and healthy skin. What seems to be true is that physical exercise helps relieve stress and reduce stress levels, a fact confirmed by a study conducted by researchers at the Karolinska Institute. The experts concluded that by exercising, your body produces an enzyme that eliminates those “toxic substances” that cause tension and anxiety. It is not always necessary to do a very intense activity to achieve this. Sometimes you can solve a simple walk at a good pace and, if it is outdoor music, much better. Although many agree that yoga is one of the most effective ways because, in addition to getting rid of the body, it does it directly to the mind.

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