If I become vegetarian, will I lose weight?

Vegetarian (or vegetarian) has become more fashionable than ever. If you refuse to include all foods of animal origin in your diet, you will not be alone in your decision. The main reasons to take this step are two: the responsibility with the environment and the need to improve your diet. For these you can add others such as animal love or seek better health. We can say that they are the causes of the principles and health that lead us to make a great change in our eating habits.

A well-organized vegetarian diet

But there are also people who risk a vegetarian diet with one main objective: weight loss. A healthy and varied vegetarian diet guarantees that all the nutrients that our body needs are not as simple as it seems. This means: it is something more complicated than to stop eating meat (and fish, something that some do not think). Therefore, if you have started this diet with the sole objective of losing weight, you may not take the appropriate measures, not only lose weight, but also gain a few kilograms of inadequate nutrition.

Why not diet to lose weight?

Executed with planning and information, can impose a smaller amount of calories from your body than the placebo diet, which causes you to lose weight. But it does not have to be that way, simply because a vegetarian diet is not a diet to lose weight.

In addition, it is very common to gain weight soon after starting a vegetarian diet due to poor choice of food. For example, a very common mistake is to replace the meat with flour, because we can not deny that the pasta dish is a very useful thing that can be easily taken even without meat or fish. In this way, we reduce protein consumption and increase carbohydrate intake.

Another common mistake is to think that a vegetarian is equal to health. In general, an industrial bakery is suitable for vegetarians and provides us with empty calories and some really useful nutrients for our body. The same applies to salty snacks, such as chips and soft drinks.

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