LLC “CONTRACTOR USA” will take part in the Federal Logistics Forum in Krasnodar

Krasnodar will host the third stage of the Federal Logistics Forum on-site business at October 25  « Amici Grand Hotel » The Forum program includes best practices and analytics, breakthrough technologies, cases, innovations and experience in organizing logistics, procurement, transportation and warehousing in trading, manufacturing and logistics companies.

Federal Logistics

Representative of LLC CONSTRACTOR RUS, Vladislav Poltorak, head of the key clients department   will traditionally take part in the Forum as a speaker. Among the many aspects and examples of solutions with which the company has equipped hundreds of objects throughout Russia and Europe, the topic of the importance of ensuring safe operation of the warehouse will be highlighted. The most important and key factor determining the  quality of solutions  is the approach to the design, production and maintenance of racks throughout the entire period of operation.

Forum participants will be able to get personal advice from leading experts and learn how to improve logistics in their organization. In addition to this ,  you can be to get fresh ideas and methods of  ” quick wins ”  of more ,  che  30  master – classes and presentations and in becoming contacts with federal and regional leaders in the industry.                    

Logistics forumThe main objective of the Forum is to report to the  largest regional trading, manufacturing and logistics companies information on the best technologies, effective experience and solutions in the field of logistics,  SCM , warehousing and transportation; establishment of high-quality communications between developers and suppliers of logistics solutions and technologies and client companies.

The Forum will also run a  demo zone, which will allow participants to  test their logistics and receive a certificate of conformity: a free express audit through the  automated  system “ LogAudit ”. In addition, it will be possible  to test  WMS  and  TMS , get recommendations  for a   system- free start-up,  go “live” in its future reference  warehouse , including the best technologies using Virtual Reality technologies , and see a demonstration test of the transport logistics automation system .

The previous event was  attended by 97 heads of logistics and related  departments of trade and manufacturing companies of the Republic of Tatarstan, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, Sa Mar and Ulyanovsk regions.

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