Losing weight without going hungry?

She has become internationally famous for her role

As Naomi LaBaglia in The Wolf of Wall Street, she almost won an Oscar for her performance in “Ana, Tonya” and will present Mary Queen of Scotland. Margot Ruby is not only one of the actresses at the moment, but her amazing physical condition has led the Australian to the lists of most beautiful women, in addition to being an ambassador of Chanel.

The logical thing is to believe that, to maintain the form required by their roles, Margot follows a strict diet and an exercise plan, however, she says that to lose weight she usually eats healthy for a few days and enjoys the pleasure of eating the rest . Of course, sport is part of your life and, Daily Mail, what you enjoy the most are leg exercises and boxing.

A day in the life of Margot Ruby begins with a nutritious breakfast

The oats, the family chips of all the models due to their high content of energy and fiber, form the base of the dish that also contains wild grapes, fruits stuffed with antioxidants that prevent premature aging by combating free radicals. Rice, a type of carbohydrate that is usually eliminated from a diet to lose weight, is also necessary in your diet, but consumes it in its integrated, nutritious form and with more fiber than white.


Protein is equally essential in the diet of the star

which is consumed by mackerel and tuna, a fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries, as well as prevent injuries to those who They exercise frequently. Lemon chicken is another favorite recipe, a dish that has a very low percentage of fat. Of course, although Margot takes care of her diet, fasting is not part of her lifestyle because she admits: “I feel miserable if I do not eat, I can not eat salad every day and, sometimes, just a glass of wine.”

Obviously, exercise helps you maintain your incredible personality: running, leg or boxing exercises are some of the disciplines you exercise regularly. To fulfill the training and the energy she needs, Margot points out the new favorite sweet potato, the sweet potato, which is the perfect substitute for potatoes because it has a similar flavor (better), but with a low content of saturated fat and a satiny effect much more prolonged.

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