The Healthcare Section Has Built up a large National?

Within Dirkzwager health care has our special attention. We are active not only in the region, but also abroad, for clients in the healthcare sector. This includes a wide range of clients, such as (university) hospitals, individual medical specialists, national branch organizations, youth care, childcare, nursing and home care institutions, as well as many other healthcare institutions. Lawyers from different sections have been working for several care clients for decades. As a result, we not only have extensive expertise, but also the required affinity with this sector. By bundling all that knowledge and experience, you can come to us for an extensive package of legal services in various fields of law.


The Healthcare section has built up a large national reputation over the years. In addition to the specific health law, we have focused on various subspecialties, so that we are aware of all the details and every development. We are happy to assist you in your decisions about mergers, partnerships and governance issues. In addition, we are well-placed in medical liability issues. We also frequently deal with general contract law and procedural law in the healthcare sector. A dispute with another healthcare institution or within your partnership? We are ready to serve your interests.

Governance Code Care 2017

The healthcare sector attaches great value to good governance as a result of an open dialogue. That is why the new Care Governance Code came into force on 1 January 2017. The code has been developed by the branch organizations and is regarded as a membership obligation for their members. This implies that all directors and supervisors in the healthcare sector are confronted with it. What does the new code mean for your organization? How will you implement the code? Dirkzwager’s health care legal advisers have specialized knowledge to guide this process. Prof. dr. Louis Houwen is co-author of the code and acted as advisor for its creation. Check here our brochure about the code.

Labor law in the healthcare and welfare sector

Within our Employment Law section , a number of lawyers have specialized in Employment Law in the healthcare and welfare sector.

We offer you guidance on, among others, the following areas:


  • Terms of employment board / management (WNT) and medical specialists (AMS),
  • Individual dismissal issues,
  • Reorganizations and social plans,
  • Employee participation and redundancy pay and pension (Zorg & Welzijn, ABP).

By arranging employment law matters well in advance, many problems can be prevented. That is why it is advisable that we think along with you at an early stage.

IE and IT law

Intellectual Property and IT Law (IE / IT) are areas of law that the healthcare sector is increasingly faced with. Our IP / IT lawyers are specialists in this field and follow every development in this sector closely. In the area of ​​IP rights we can assist you in matters concerning brand names, license agreements and confidentiality statements. In the area of ​​IT, we advise you on drafting and testing IT contracts, such as supply or implementation contracts for hardware and software. In addition, we support your IT disputes, for example in case of failed automation projects or software that does not function. You can also contact us with all your other IE / IT questions.

Competition law

The competition law section deals among other things with the reporting of concentrations in healthcare ( mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures ) with the competent competition authorities. The lawyers of the section also focus on drafting and assessing cooperation agreements (including with regard to supply chain management) and purchasing agreements. The section advises on compliance with legislation and regulations (compliance). The section cooperates with one of the Dutch branch organizations in the healthcare sector to draw up a ‘compliance manual’ and in that context the lawyers of the section provide presentations for the members of the trade association on competition law and compliance.

Real estate & environment including notarial services

There are 16 lawyers working in the government & real estate section . Our expertise covers the entire real estate spectrum with the parties involved including spatial administrative law (zoning plans / building permits), environment, subsidies, procurement law and tenancy law.. Lawyers of the section work for a large part of their time for clients in the care sector and in this way have gained a lot of experience in the field of real estate (development) and (healthcare) financing. In addition, the section has expertise in the field of construction and procurement disputes including litigation with the civil court and the arbitration board for construction. A lot of experience has also been gained in the field of property and rights (ground lease / building) including apartment rights as well as the assessment of financing conditions in healthcare.

The supervisor is at the door …. what now?

First aid for a raid or announced investigation by a regulator: emergency numbers of our lawyers and a practical checklist what who can and may do.

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