The secret to losing weight is in your brain, not in your diet

Being thin is not just a question of whether the diet works or not, although, of course, it plays a crucial role. Stress, bad feelings and obsessive thoughts … have a lot to do with weight control, since neuroscience research applies to nutrition programs.

Every time we eat food

we do this under the influence of a series of oil tankers,explains French physician Jan Rogier, who participates in several scientific teams in the field and neuroscience, in his book The Book Sphere. . The neurotransmitters that make their way to the brain, now these same neurotransmitters are also “docile slaves” of their thoughts and emotions, which explains why the wrong emotions and repetitive thoughts (often due to stress or other daily stresses) interfere with eating behavior and metabolism. It makes practically all slimming systems fail, from the most classic ones. For the most vain. ”

The role of insulin to lose weight.

To understand this, researchers in nutrition and endocrinology also explain the effect of these neurotransmitters on insulin, a very important hormone produced by the pancreas, which is primarily responsible for regulating our blood sugar level. In addition, it participates directly in the loss of weight. Insulin is often described as the “director of the sugar and fat orchestr also showed a moderate role between a pair of neurotransmitters necessary for emotional-emotional balance: on the one hand, relaxation and good mood (serotonin and dopamine) on the other hand, tension and tension (adrenaline and cortisol), and the pure biological dimension (the handling of sugars and fats) converge with the psycho-emotional dimension (stabilizing our mood), says Roger.

Therefore, methods to lose weight are becoming more serious, such as the 21-day plan that involves the expert in “training your mind to lose weight”, integrating tools for stress management, breathing and relaxation exercises, rehabilitation body … In the blood, the chrono diet …). Objective? Make your brain prepare for weight loss and be trained before starting any diet.

Tools to lose weight according to psychological and nervous nutrition.

1. The French doctor, Jan Roger, points out five basic steps:Breathe well every day. It is necessary to use a systematic and rhythmic breathing protocol to combat stress and rebalance the production of certain neurotransmitters and hormones responsible for “false hunger” and “fainting”.

2. Eliminate toxins from your body. To help replenish the organs of digestion, absorption and elimination, to stop the accumulation of fat and prefer the elimination of the useless kilo.

3. Adjust your body plan and reorganize the areas you need. Protocol describing mental, practical and photographer to influence the metabolism of fat and fat donut.

4. Thanks to the vigorous exercise of the “spectator in consciousness” day by day, it allows us to get out of the negative psycho-emotional schemes translated at the physical level in the case of uncontrollable hunger and global accumulation.

5. To go further (if necessary) “Protocol of Intent”, based on the simple writing function, which allows the demolition of some more established “thinning walls”.

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