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It is the reason It is quite clear:

it is a physical activity that leads us to consume between 500 and 800 calories in a session for 45 minutes, besides being wonderful to influence the legs, arms, buttocks and abdomen, and improve blood circulation. .. In a nutshell, a great way if we want to lose. However, according to experts, the weight in a short time requires a good physical condition, does not suffer from overweight or heart problems, high blood pressure …

– so it is always recommended to perform a prior examination before starting to perform this activity . It is also not recommended during pregnancy, although it also depends on medical advice.

“If we want to play, we have to be at an ideal level of sport, and as a rule, they are very intense, and if we are not used to exercising, you can become hell,” say Infinit trainers.

Organize the bicycle according to the density we need. During the turn, certain exercises will be performed to work with puzzles, legs and arms … These require, at a given time, that a great force be applied to the device, so it is important, in addition to being a bicycle in optimal conditions of use,.

Before using a spinning bike we have to protect all the muscles. This will make the time spent on productive spinning from start to finish. There is a warm-up outside the bicycle (stretched in the upper and lower train) and another in it consists of a pedal for ten minutes, while gradually increasing the resistance.

Take care of the position on the bicycle.

The ideal glute position during the turn is the pedal while standing, this is where the buttocks retain most of the body weight, pulling the workload forward, and the dynamics of each pedal contract and stretch. , which makes them confirm and strengthen the speed Fitness However, if we do not take care of the situation, we can end up hurting ourselves or the back pain.To do this, try to keep the sword straight and aligned, while maintaining Strength and abdominal activity. “Remember that the purpose of the exercise is that with every stroke, all the strength is concentrated in the gluteal muscles, making it work perfectly. This makes it very important that the pedal is firm and correct. If we start making sudden movements because the load is too high, we are hurting ourselves. ”

Do not exceed 3-4 sessions of 45 minutes per week.

Minimum duration of exercise If we want to see the results in the buttocks are 30 minutes, in addition to the period of warm-up and gradual return to calm until the body lowers the pulse. “It is possible that when we look at the results of the exercise, we want to take more time, spend more time on the bike and burn more calories, and here we have to be careful, we must be patient and let the body make these decisions.” As a result of the appropriate and proportional exercise, it is what results in the growth and tone of the region, and this takes time and we must respect it. ”

Rest a day between class and class.

It must be emphasized that any work done with the bicycle affects the muscles of the legs. So we should not overload this area, ideally after the rotation classes is to put the legs between 24 and 36 hours. You can, for example, combine with yoga classes to empty and stretch your body.

Finally, do not forget to moisten well and drink water during the cycle.

After these tips, you can enjoy a very useful sport for health and, in addition, boast legs more agile and firm if you are consistent and a healthy and healthy diet.

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