The Constitution Bridge has long been approaching the four days of complete rest to set a course for one of these destinations that we want to propose today, full of antiques and delicious plans. We took him to Bilbao to eat at the new Etxanobe restaurant, which has rebuilt it into a Michelin star, and to enjoy Mona’s excellent cuisine at the market, which has a star. If your body asks for photos, let’s go to Jerez! Enter into its cellars, in its own tabancos and in the magical world of Lú, “the terrier” of the myth of the first Michelin star. The first star also shines in Moleno de Alconiza, in Guadalajara, where an imaginary bridge waits for you to suck your fingers.

In BILBAO, set with stars.

For Fernando Canales and Mikel Poplacion, the change of location could not be better. The Etxanobe restaurant (one Michelin star) was transferred from the Euskalduna Palace to the center of Bilbao a few months ago. It has two exhibitions: La Despensa de Etxanobe and Vizcaya cuisine in an informal atmosphere and El Atelier de Etxanobe. Michelin La Despensa is spread out in a very spacious place, with different atmospheres, chairs that operate in a very comfortable space, high tables and a kitchen full of delicious dishes “The best kokotxas in Bilbao … and the world, Fernando advances”. At the entrance of the hotel, a gourmet store was restored, and the txuletas can be seen in a private room accompanied by Fernando himself, so that he can choose (with his advice) the piece before placing it on the grill.

If you prefer a more exclusive,

elegant and intimate lunch or dinner, book your table at El Atelier de Etxanobe. Eight tables are for only 20 people with a single tasting menu (110 euros) in an elegant, quiet and cozy place where light is organized and focused on tables and experiments everywhere. The main attraction of the space is a stained glass window preserved in the front of the restaurant, which was originally a stained glass window of the Bank of Spain in Madrid.

Creativity and experience come together in the hands of Fernando Canales and Mikel Poplakions, to obtain the perfect dishes and flavors, such as Lasagna de Sardinas or White Truffle with asparagus and prawns that, due to their success, also serve La Pantry. The end of the experience in Atelier is cheating

sweets in three stages and ten different flavors (fennel, strawberry, tomato, lemon, ginger, violet, yuzu …) that are taken after walking in a field of flowers with glasses Virtual of the last generation. Sassel Antonio Martin is responsible for the match, with more than 150 well-selected references.

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