What is Fitness And Strength Training?

Fitness and strength training are good ways to burn calories, improve your fitness, to become healthier and to lose weight. For example, fitness and strength training contribute to a good condition of your heart and blood vessels, to the prevention of osteoporosis and it plays an important role in weight control, or in weight loss. In this article you will read what fitness and strength training can contribute to your health. 

Fitness and strength training is training with weights. This is also called resistance training. Fitness and strength training are actually the same. The resistance comes from weights. With weights you can think of dumbbells, fitness equipment, kettlebells and dumbbells.

Fitness and strength training is aimed at strengthening your muscles. This increases them slightly in size. You will not immediately become a bodybuilder. Do not worry about that.

A bodybuilder owes his body to daily hours-long training sessions and a special diet. It takes years before you have developed such a body. An hour or 3 to 4 fitness and strength training will not give you such results. But it does give many other positive effects.

What do fitness and strength training do for you?

Fitness and strength training do a lot of good. In this section you can read a number of very important health effects. Later in this blog you can read what fitness and strength training can mean for your body weight.

Promote the health of your heart and blood vessels

Fitness and strength training promote the health of your heart and blood vessels. This lowers the risks of high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels. These 2 are an indication of the extent to which you are at risk of a heart attack, a stroke or even a stroke.

In the West, heart attacks and strokes are among the most important causes of death. Hundreds of thousands die each year from the consequences of a heart attack or stroke. You do not want to belong to that, right?

Preventing osteoporosis with fitness and strength training

You can also prevent (or limit the extent of) osteoporosis with fitness and strength training.

Osteoporosis is a natural process that belongs to aging. Your bones become brittle because of this. But fitness and strength training ensure that this process stops, or slows down. After all, your muscles become stronger and grow in size.As a result, they attract more to your tendons, which are attached to your bones. In response to this, your body makes sure that it sends food and building materials to your bones, so that they are strong enough to handle the strength of your muscles.

Promote metabolism

Fitness and strength training also promote your metabolism. Metabolism plays a very important role in the number of calories you burn every day. This makes it a big influence on your weight.

Stimulating your metabolism is important anyway if you do not want to arrive or if you want to lose weight. Knowing more? Read the e-book Your Metabolism Boost once.

Glucose tolerance improves

In addition, fitness and strength training also have positive effects in increasing glucose tolerance in diabetes 2 patients.

This is very nice because your body cells are better able to absorb glucose. If this process does not work properly, your body needs more insulin to absorb glucose in your body’s cells.

Insulin is the hormone that ensures that glucose is absorbed by your body’s cells. The disadvantage of insulin, however, is that it also stimulates the storage of body fat. In addition, insulin blocks your body’s ability to address that body fat for burning. Consequence; you become fatter, but your body fat can not be used.

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In addition to these important health aspects, there are 2 aspects in which fitness and strength training play a role. These are the physical and the mental aspects. These are described separately for each point.


Through fitness and strength training you get more muscle mass. Muscles use 10 times more energy per day as body fat. For 1 kilogram of extra muscle mass, your body burns up to 100 calories per day extra. This is much more than is the case with fat mass.

At 1 kilogram of fat mass, your body only burns 10 calories to maintain this mass. This fact makes fitness and strength training very suitable for sustainable weight reduction.

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Another positive effect of fitness and strength training is that the speed of your metabolism increases so that you burn more calories every day.

Finally, fitness and strength training have a positive effect on the prevention of injuries in other sports or other forms of exercise and it plays a role in the prevention of osteoporosis.


You relieve stress through strength training. That is beautiful in itself, because stress can ensure that you arrive. This effect can also have other sports. However, with fitness and strength training you generally make more testosterone. This also makes you more alert and more confident.

Although this can not be demonstrated 100%, fitness and strength training can cause feelings of anxiety, insecurity and depression to disappear.

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What would you do it for?

From the previous paragraph you could already use fitness and strength training to help you discharge stress, that you become more confident and it helps with weight loss. You could also read that through strength training, you feel your muscle mass increase and that muscle mass burns more calories.

There is another positive effect of fitness and strength training with weight loss. Or rather, slimming. Muscles occupy 4 times less space as body fat. This means that your body becomes slimmer as your muscle mass increases. Your fat mass then automatically decreases, as it is good, because the speed of your metabolism is increased . If this is not the case, then you should take a critical look at your diet.

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Fitness and strength training are both very effective for burning body fat. You burn calories in 3 ways and those calories come from your body fat for a significant part.

1. Burn calories during fitness and strength training

In the first place you burn about 400 to 500 calories during an hour of fitness and strength training. This can be less than 1 hour of running, but your recovery time for strength training is about 48 hours. This is much longer than cardio training, such as running.

2. Burn calories after training

During those 48 hours your muscles ask for extra energy to recover. This means that, in those 48 hours, a lot of calories go to your muscles. This is the so-called after-burn, or kick-back effect.

You burn much more calories up to 48 hours after a workout. That is why fitness and strength training are so effective when it comes to losing weight and maintaining weight (if you have a healthy weight).

3. Automatically burn calories thanks to fitness and strength training

Then your increased muscle mass requires a lot more energy every day. Your muscle mass acts as a driver of your metabolism.

The larger your muscle mass, the more calories you burn. Of course, the right diet is also important, as are your hormones. You can read more about this in the e-book First Aid for Responsible Weight Loss .

What if you do not?

If you do not like fitness and strength training, there is no man on board. You can also do interval training. You will also become stronger and burn a lot of calories with it. There are classes such as body pump, cross body, CrossFit and Bootcamp. During such work outs you train for an important part with your own body weight.

How do you book results with fitness and strength training?

You already get results when you go to the gym twice a week for work out of 1 hour. You will not immediately develop huge muscle bundles, but you will notice that your muscles become stronger and that your body becomes tighter.

If you do not want to go to a gym, you can do some exercises at home. Impressions, squats and sit ups are particularly effective strength exercises for your arms, your chest, your stomach and your leg muscles.

Knowing more?

Fitness and strength training help you lose weight. Fortunately, there are other things that help you lose weight. Perhaps you have already heard about the role your hormones play, your metabolism and the type of calories. Do you also want to lose weight responsibly? Then read the e-book First Aid for Responsible Weight Loss .

As a responsible father or mother you know the importance of good health and a healthy weight. But how do you put it into practice? You do not have time to thoroughly explore everything and a lot of information is contradictory. How well are you good?

Well, I have chosen everything for you. This was a lot of work and you can read the result in the e-book Healthy in 10 steps .

Of course you can only achieve good results with fitness and strength training if you adjust your diet. Therefore read the e-book on Healthy Food.

You could already read that fitness and strength training increases your metabolism, so you burn more calories a day. You also stimulate your metabolism by eating certain foods. Do you want to know more about it? Then download the e-book Your Metabolism Boost .

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