you will never again be lazy to go to the gym

– Many people feel frustrated because they go to the gym and do not see results. What are the biggest mistakes we make when it comes to fitness?

In my opinion, there are two mistakes that we make repeatedly. The first one we mentioned before. We want to achieve our goals in three days and achieve any purpose on the material level requires time and perseverance. It is not about choosing the best exercise, but about being very coherent with the training plan that adapts to us and our circumstances at all times. Linked to the latter, we find the second error.

When we have a problem with age, we do not doubt it. We are going to see the dentist, but with the training, we decide for ourselves the exercise that we consider most convenient as if we knew what we needed. There are also those who put themselves in the hands of anyone who has a good body without worrying about whether they are professionally qualified for physical activity. I do not know if someone can design an adequate training plan for us and our circumstances and objectives. The risk of doing so is not only that we are not reaching our goal, but that we may be attacking our health.

– You often see idealistic celebrities and it looks wonderful, but there is no magic, right?

There is a lot of work behind every great physicist, be it for someone known or not. It is true that genetics can have an important weight, but the couch is stronger than any innate talent and if it does not move … Remember: “Hard work earns talent when talent does not work hard.” Storing windows like Instagram can make us think that a body that works well is the result of four exercises.

Also in social networks, the exercises offered are often more aesthetically pleasing. But you can not cheat, behind each majestic exercise there are hundreds of exercises based on the most basic and effective exercises. The results come when you train hard over time. Unfortunately, there are no magic formulas. Begin to cool down, it is much harder for us to leave home to practice. Do not fail Every year is the same for these dates.

However, now you will not have an excuse because we promise you that after reading this, you will change the way you face your daily exercises. Being stable in the long term does not establish immediate objectives that you will not fulfill, you will sleep the necessary hours, you will trust the best professionals and you will pay less attention to what we see online. There are some keys that will help you motivate yourself in time. “Said Alvaro Janez, personal trainer of Amaya Salamanca and sports deputy director at ENS Personal Personal Training Studio, do not lose details of everything you have told us because your words contain knowledge that you can not stop thinking and can help you maintain your weight more. easily.

– Is there any training that we have not yet discovered its benefits?

I am taking the question to put myself in the position of the account statement. Scientific evidence tells us today that physical activity has enormous health benefits. These benefits go beyond helping us maintain weight, which is also important. Long list: prevent deaths from coronary heart disease and stroke, reduce the risk of heart disease, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, type II diabetes, osteoporosis and sarcophage (loss of muscle mass) … It also reduces the risk of suffering from various types of cancer, reduces dependence on the elderly, cognitive deterioration, etc.

In other words, a sedentary lifestyle is a very important risk factor because it causes an annual number of deaths at epidemic level and, unfortunately, has not been given the attention it deserves. Returning to the question, I will tell you that the secret is not in the discovery of a particular type of training that causes many benefits and much faster than the other. The strength of the training lies in being static.

-Everyone should discover the type of physical activity

That allows them to stimulate at each stage of life so that they never fall into an unstable lifestyle. The award is firm, in commitment to training. It is much stronger to be consistent with a well-designed training program, rather than looking for the ideal training plan and then doing it sporadically or irregularly.


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